Thank you for teaching English to my son Plácido. Language Success has been a lot of help to him. Thanks to Language Success lessons he has improved his grades in Reading and Social Studies from 60s to 80s. I have also learned a lot of English at your school, and the teachers are very professional. Thanks, I really appreciate my lessons at Language Success.

– Linda Gámez – McAllen, TX

Language Success is a private school where you can study English, Spanish, and French. I started to study English with this new system in April, 2003 with books and video. The classes are very entertaining. This system is different from the other schools I have attended. Conversation is emphasized most and writing second. Now I can speak with more confidence than before. The classes are small and you have 100% of the teacher’s attention. I recommend this school.

– Maria Elena – McAllen, TX

Language Success has given me the opportunity to improve my English, especially in speaking. My class is small and this is an advantage for me because we are always participating. The class is accessible because we can stop if we have a doubt or a question.

– Dulce – McAllen, TX

Yo recomiendo verdaderamente la escuela Language Success porque es una escuela en la cual tu puedes aprender, de una manera muy divertida y fácil, el idioma que tu elijas. En mi opinión, yo he mejorado en conversación, pues mi maestra me da la confianza para hablar en inglés y pues ella nos ayuda corrigiéndonos. Además en las clases tú tienes la atención que necesitas y eso se ve reflejado en tu aprendizaje y así como encuentras el conocimiento del idioma que tú necesitas aprender, encuentras amigos, y grandes personas que puedes conocer.

– Alexandra – Mission, TX

There are three reasons that I chose Language Success to learn English. First, the methodology is better than the other one that I tried before. Second, the teacher has a lot of experience teaching. Third, this is the place I have been looking for since I decided to learn English!

– Silvia – McAllen, TX and Reynosa, México

At Language Success the language learning level and speed of each student is addressed. The teaching objective is not to cover a certain number of pages or lessons, but to insure every student’s understanding, comprehension, and mastery. Each teacher is fluent in the language that he or she teaches.

– Glenda – Mission, TX